To Wall Street Institute Shi-lin center:

The summer party on August 16th is really great. Maybe it’s a large but just one scheduled plan to you staff; it is, however, a good experience and memory to me: seeing everyone is happy and being happy myself and having fun with many people. Also, this kind of activity is indeed a good way to learn and live with English. Actually, on my way back to the vehicle in the parking area, I saw an attendant before getting in the car. At the time I tried to have a simple chat with him, English words almost came out from my mouth, and I found I’d had to think first before speaking Mandarin! I think this means I’m used to English much more because of the longer and interactive English activity earlier.

You all are so attentive and I know, you must have been diligent to set up this activity and have put a lot of energy on it. Everything goes smoothly; everyone is very delighted; the main purpose, which is providing an environment for students to practice English, of this activity is achieved. In the end we even have many foods to satisfy our mouths and stomachs.

The most important thing I want to say is that I’m very grateful to you all, especially Lisa and Connie. Lisa takes care of my bag for me during the activity. You’re so sweet to hide it because there’s a wallet inside. Connie, of course, you are the leader and instructor of our team. I’m very glad and have great time being in your team. And Ophelia, although you are our “enemy”, this is the first time I get along with you for a while. Since I like making friends and being with others, this simple thing makes me happy already. By the way, you look more charming without glasses covering your eyes. : P

Henry Chang
Aug. 16th, 2008
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